Elements of Fashion


Elements of Fashion (according to my observation and meager understanding of the topic);

1. Brand name: The brand name says it all. The right brand name says you are rich, successful, and know what’s “hip.”

2. Neon and stripes: not necessarily together…but they seem to be the trend right now, along with skinny jeans. Continue reading

On Materialism and Religion


The following post is something I wrote ages ago. For some reason it stayed in draft form and I never got around to posting it to the blog. This is despite the fact that I read and edited it until I thought it was good enough. I’m not sure how much or if my thoughts have changed in any way since I wrote this though I think it’s safe to say they haven’t stayed the same, unaltered. Anyway, here’s a peek at the things that occupied my mind 5 months ago. Continue reading

Making mountains out of cabbages



Specifically, mountains of kimchi. When I left home for a day of work, a little while back, I noticed a huge mound of cabbages in front of the door to the building and big buckets set up in the driveway.


Turns out my landlady was getting ready for a day of kimchi making. Joined by an older relative or friend, she started filling the buckets with water for rinsing and with salt that she proceeded to rub into every head of cabbage, quite thoroughly. She let me take a few pictures but I was too shy to ask again on the second day.

Two days later, when I came back from my Korean language class, she called out to me, cabbage in hand. Did I want some kimchi? Sure! I ran back to my room, grabbed a plastic container and brought it back to her. It wasn’t big enough for the two leafy heads she dumped into it. Unfortunately, my excitement at getting homemade kimchi blinded me to one tiny detail: I have no idea what to do with it now. Kimchi is all well and IMG_9362good but I just don’t eat enough to actually finish it anytime soon.

If I didn’t worry about it smelling up my fridge (which is why separate kimchi fridges exist) I would just eat at my own pace. As long as it’s packaged correctly, kimchi can only get better with age.

I guess I’ll just have to take it one day at time.

Week 37: Autumn lingers on (a walk in the city)



Last weekend I took a walk. A 2 1/2 hour walk rather. Mostly going one direction: west. I IMG_9536started on a walking path and pretty much followed it until I saw signs for the World Cup Stadium (then followed those). My original plan was to walk to the church I sometimes attend and if I made it in time, great. If not, I still got a walk and pictures out of it. The World Cup Stadium is close to the church and I knew I could catch a bus back home if I made it all the way there. Mostly, I just wanted to see a different part of Gwangju, at least a part I’d never walked before. I left home too late to make it in time for church but I might have been able to see people leaving if I hadn’t stopped to take pictures so often.

[Shrug] Taking pictures and enjoying the weather while it is still pleasant was the whole point anyway.

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