Week 48: Yet another “spa” trip


One more week of winter schedule left! It’s been terribly exhausting and busy and I’m more than ready for some changes. February’s posts may look a little ridiculous what with all the spa, sauna, and public bath trips I’ve been on. In truth, I’m feeling a little maxed out on places that make taking pictures so difficult. But I’d already signed up for this one several weeks ago. Continue reading

Kdrama 101: a definition


This is a post I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. Korean TV shows have become more popular with each passing year and is now something of a global phenomenon. There’s actually a name for it: the Hallyu wave. Korean dramas started becoming more popular in other countries and many dramas actors are so popular they have become household names. Continue reading

Week 47: Why It’s Good to be Sick on a Work Day and other things


Happy Valentine’s to those who celebrated it! As for me, it was a day of miserable sneezing and water gushing from my eyes and nose. It was like an early tribute to pollen season, except it’s still winter-ish and I can’t think of anything new that would have triggered it. So, cold it was. I can’t decide if it was a good thing or not, to be sick on Valentine’s Day. On the one hand, I always had bits of chocolate to brighten my day and get me from one class to then next; on the other hand, I couldn’t taste much of anything. Continue reading

Week 46: In which the writer goes to the public baths to relax and comes away with magically soft skin then accidentally hitch-hikes home…sorta


Week 46 started with the visit to the dentist I mentioned in an¬†earlier post. We’re now halfway through the winter schedule at work. It’s the busiest time of year and I will be heartily glad when it’s over.

Saturday I decided to unwind at a jjimjilbang/sauna. Emily and I chose to go to a spa in Damyang. Continue reading

10 months and counting


Some of may wonder why I persist in counting the weeks I’ve been here. That’s a very good question. One I had to ask myself recently. Is it useful, especially considering my intention to stay here another year? Will I continue to count the weeks obsessively just to prove I can count that high?

I pondered these questions and came up with a few answers. Frankly, I like when things are organized in a way that makes it easier to access the exact information later. I’ve organizing by topics a little bit but when you ramble as I tend to do, it’s not unusual for each post to contain multiple topics. The easiest method of organizing for me is chronologically, with a chapter title of sorts to give the post a meaning beyond the number.

At some point however, does it become useless? I rarely post more than once a week and try to avoid posting more than once in a day. People can just as easily look at the calendar to see the where things stand in time.

I do intend to continue counting until I arrive at the 1 year mark. After that, we’ll see.