Week….ah who’s counting anymore? – 1 year


But if you are counting, that’s 52 weeks passed and over with. Moving into my 53rd week since coming  here and we pass the 1 year mark.  This time last year, I was taking in the sights and sounds (and smells) of my first day in Korea…you know, when I wasn’t fighting jet lag. The weather has already become warmer but now I can literally smell spring. The flowers on the trees are in full bloom and there’s a sharp tangy smell that comes from the flowers growing on a bush in front of the apartment building. I have no idea what it is, but to me, it means spring Continue reading

Week 51: Nothing but a night stroll


IMG_3046IMG_3037 (2)I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. Last week I said life was just normal, nothing worth mentioning and that I was simply content. A second week of “contentedness” has left me feeling a little stir crazy and anxious. “Agh!” I gasp. Once again, I am stuck with little to entertain you with except the mad ramblings of my perpetually confused brain. Continue reading

Week 50: The approach of spring


IMG_3005I can’t decide whether I am happy or sad to report that there is nothing of any significance or importance to report about this past week. Nothing really happened, except life itself. There’s truth to the phrase, “no news is good news.” A sense of contentment.  I don’t even have things to complain about, not that I’d do it here if I did. Unfortunately – as I’ve often been reminded – no news, no conflict, no story makes for awfully poor writing. Continue reading

Week 49: Turning over new leaves


IMG_2963 (2)

Well, not precisely. This week was the final week of winter schedule. It’s March now, which means a new school year for the students. The move up a grade and that means my own schedule gets a completely new look.

As much as I would prefer a 9 to 5 job that gives me time in the evenings to relax, I’ll happily settle for the 4-9 schedule instead. It’s way better than having my day split uncomfortably down the middle. As long as I get a solid chunk of the day instead of halves.

The hagwon treated all the graduating middle schoolers (the ones entering high school) to a seafood buffet dinner. I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting when I was told to come to the goodbye party, maybe an uncomfortably formal dinner with students thanking the teachers for all their hard work and the teachers giving recognition to each student, maybe with silly awards….? [Shrug] Instead of whatever my vague expectations were the celebration ended up being very separated. The students had a whole room in the restaurant to themselves and the teachers and I sat at two tables in the main part of the restaurant. It kind of felt like an attempt to contain all the kids in their own sound-proofed room to be as loud and crazy as they wanted while we sat at the “adult” tables where people could trust us not to spill our food on the floor or make unsightly noises. Perhaps that was the intent. This meant, of course, that this celebration party was really little more than treating the kids to food: no extra ceremonies.

IMG_2913 (2)

Little else happened this week. I went to work, I went to my Korean language class, I did nothing at home, and I hung out with some friends and met some new people to balance it out. I also felt inspired to make lists and resolutions going into this new semester that I hope are realistic enough to accomplish.  In essence: life.

Oh right, I also took a walk and snapped some photos. If they look a little gloomy and depressing it’s because the day was hazy. I walked around the college campus near my house. I’ll go back in the summer when the rose garden is in full bloom. I’ve heard it’s nice to look at.

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