Tulips and the Ferry Disaster


Wednesday, April 16th, 2014: I heard it from some of my friends, almost like a passing comment. “Did you hear about the ferry that sunk on its way to Jeju?”…….”There were many high schoolers on board…..they were on a school trip.” At work, it was the only thing some of my students would talk about.


The woman hands me the bus ticket, circling the pertinent information. Time: 2:40, Gate: 34, Destination: Suncheon. Continue reading



It’s confirmed: I’m staying in Korea, and working in the same place for another year! Currently, I have no plans to go home to visit. I did request a 3 week vacation in September but I’ll be staying here. My parents are actually coming to visit me during that time!¬† I’m pretty excited to share Korea with some one in a way that’s more tangible than this blog.

Seeing other people getting ready to go home or continue their travels in another country is rather depressing and not without Continue reading