Jeju Extras


Here are some more photos I took while in Jeju-do. The previous submission was too long and cluttered already. There just wasn’t anywhere for me to put these so I had to save them for a separate post.

Check out the orange building I discovered walking away from Yongduam (Dragon Head) Rock?

Then there’s the beach Jong Chan and I stopped at very briefly. The sand was incredibly soft and on a sunny day I suspect the water glows as blue as the water at Udo’s Coral Sand Beach. But it was cloudy, giving things a moody, muted look.

Morning light

Morning light

I also played around with my waterproof camera in some tidal pools. I got some interesting reflection and perspective shots.

Then there’s the random grasshopper I spotted on the road.

IMG_5015 (2)


Another thing Jeju is known for are the haenyo (해녀). For those who want to learn more about these incredible female divers there’s at least one museum on the island (along with tons of resources online). It’s a dying art but there are still some women who still do it.

IMG_3993 (2)

And if you go to Gueom Village (North Western part of Jeju past Hagwi-2 ri if you are coming from Jeju city) there is salt rock farm on Aewolhaean-ro road (애월해안로 – the Seaside road), at the water’s edge. When I was there, it was a rainy mess of a day. But if you go the right time of year you may be able to observe it in use. If not, you can still enjoy exploring the rocks there.


click on the picture to expand.

I probably took several hundred pictures just of the waves crashing against the rocks, trying to get one that was satisfyingly stunning. In that, I’m afraid I didn’t do any better than this.IMG_4064 (2) But I still enjoyed myself.

One last bit. For those interested in checking out the guesthouse I stayed in, in Hagwi-2 ri on the northwest coast, you can check out the website here. It’s a little hard to navigate since it’s all in Korean but the owner speaks some English and you can make a reservation by phone if you call the number 010-2365-1807. The hostel is called 바람이 머물다 게스트하우스 which roughly translates as the Stay Breeze Guesthouse. There’s no specific check-out time. Beds are 20,000 won per night with an added 20,000 won if you want to participate in the group dinner (a lot of delicious food).

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