Week 44: Spa day and Maisan


Pedro took a small group of us to a spa outside of Gwangju known for using ginseng in many of its treatments. If you couldn’t already smell it when you walked in then you could at least admire the display of ginseng roots piled to resemble the twin peaks nearby (Maisan).

IMG_2569 (3)

Due to the conspicuousness of my camera as well as the fog inducing heat in every room, I was unable to take any pictures inside but I’ve borrowed from someone else who came more prepared. Continue reading

Vignette: “Rash”


I was playing the “word game” in one of my 6th grade classes. It’s a little like catchphrase except only one person per team can guess the word. Everyone else on the team knows the word and has to explain it to their team member using English. In theory, they should try to use complete sentences when possible but usually the kids end up flinging out keywords. The word I gave them was “rash” (the noun not the adjective).

In the chaos of voices raising to be heard, I heard one girl shout innocently to her team member “Teacher’s face has!”

Gee. Indirect slam from one of my students. Thanks a lot. A few pimples do not a rash make. It’s such a shame that saying goodbye to your teenage years doesn’t come with a magic wand that waves away acne.

This of course happened on the same day one of my other students told me “Teacher, you look pretty.”